The Spiritual Journey within Recovery

As we contemplate the meaning of a spiritual practice, those in recovery well know that the ego can come up with every possible excuse to dismiss the notion of ‘something greater than myself.’  I submit this all-important point: if the ego could figure out how to lead a morally and honest life, what need would there be for the superego? Psychologists have argued that human beings operate along a mind-body-spirit continuum.  Those who are spectators or players of competitive sports understand the deep and transformative value that competitors instill, namely the competitor’s “spirit”.  This added “spirit” might be felt as a natural surge of biochemistry; some call it getting pumped up.  While other players may ask for added incentives from the heavens or from nature.    This latter approach seems to add an otherworldly level of spiritual encouragement to achieve their highest performance.  The sports analogy proposes connecting to and engaging with one’s life challenges.  If a man or woman is able to embrace their life challenges, clearly, the advantages of adapting spiritual wisdom may enhance their outcome.  And so, it is our spirituality, especially for those in recovery that provides the key component for coping with life stressors. It is our spirituality that can help turn challenges into growth.

From the dawn of humanity, human beings have had to endure multiple stressors in their struggle for survival, all the while striving to develop civilization – to enable peaceful co-existence between disparate tribes, groups and peoples. How did early humans adjust to the demands of daily living and manage to evolve toward the greater good? What archeologists and anthropologists have discovered is a single, remarkable common theme: that all around earth humans believed in a greater wisdom that exists beyond the intelligence of mere mortals.  Some civilizations looked to the heavens where priests described this greater wisdom to be in oracles.  Other peoples looked at nature as in the roots of shamanistic practices.  Hence, whether shamans derived life lessons from the laws of nature, or priests sought advice from the heavenly skies, humans undeniably sensed that something exists beyond the ordinary – something remarkable, something magical, something that gives life meaning. This is the basis of the spiritual journey.

The most critical part of the individual’s spiritual journey can be summed up in a single word: PRACTICE.  With so many versions for the spiritual path, those who know this recognize it isn’t the memorization of tenets or chants or whatever… it is the development of a daily practice that unleashes exponential personal growth.

The QiRecovery Program has created a simple method that has the potential for true and effective self-renewal.  The buy-in happens when your practice produces irrefutable evidence that something profound is beginning to reveal itself.  In practice the biochemistry of the body awakens to this new energy.  As this sense of rejuvenation grows, a positive feedback loop amplifies this growing sense that something greater than oneself is channeling into your experience of universal energies.

Astrophysicists are looking into the cosmos for the hidden elements that holds the Universe together: dark matter and dark energy. Quantum physicists are constantly searching for new kinds of energies deeper and deeper into the components of matter.  But those scientific pursuits can bring us back to the notion of the spiritual journey.  If indeed, if man can reach into the hidden depths of elementary particles to find the ‘God Particle’ or beyond super clusters of galaxies and all the way back to the Big Bang… why does it seem so hard to shake that monkey on our back?  After all, isn’t God at my back? Well, God is at your back, but you still have to do the walking. God wants you to learn through your challenges. God wants you to kick that field goal. God wants you to evolve into something more. It may be that God is like a shadow, but you have to find and craft your light that allows the shadow to exist.

The theme of light and shadow will be in the next segment of my article.  We will discuss the formidable power of the Yin and Yang energies.


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