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Passionate Work

Are you using your distinctive skills to live a life of joy and success?
Do you wish you could turn your passions into a life of financial security?
Is your work giving you a rewarding life, happiness, and a healthy lifestyle?

The Passionate Work process is executed in four sessions (90 minutes each) to create an abundant and enlightened life that truly enriches your vibrant essence.

Each session of YOUR PASSIONATE WORK is an exploration that walks you through the peak possibilities of your life. We begin by building a comprehensive and candid map that begins with discerning your unique passions that will lead to a successful and prosperous life. In the second session we help you shape a prosperity plan with your passions. The third session will show you how your belief system can either inhibit or empower your passion to achieve a noble and inspired life. And the final session reviews your map plus sets up a “base camp” that sustains the capacity for you to reach your highest potential.

This consultation takes you from your unrealized and unvoiced hopes to distinct clear steps that will help you secure your way to a new prosperity plan.
In addition, the work will examine what past failures mean to you, and what secrets they hold that can help you achieve personal mastery over any inner obstructions.

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