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QiRecovery is proud to announce the release of Qigong for Beginners – Part 1. This 45 minute DVD is like having a personal trainer to follow while still practicing at your own pace.  Dr. Randy Sugawara developed this training so you can follow him along learning how to create more energy, more vitality, and to reduce the stress in your life.  

As explained in the DVD, it’s your body that holds onto stress.  Your mind interprets life situations either as stressful or calming, -  and everything in between, then your body follows the thought, be it uptight or relaxing.   

For those in recovery, chemical substances are not an option to cope with stress. If you can take 8 minutes a day and practice QiRecovey’s Qigong then you may be able to attain a quieter mind, find serenity and calm your body reducing your chances for relapsing.  

The two most common mental health complaints are anxiety and depression.  Those who seek to reduce anxiety and to raise oneself from depression may find practicing the 13 warm-up exercises and the 8 Qigong postures a method that reduces anxious feelings and lifts the darkness of depression.

In this DVD you will learn how to Open Your Joints and gain more flexibility. The Three Cleansing Breaths can help you feel calmer. Dr. Sugawara shows you the I-Chuan system of Standing Meditations to build more vitality and life force energy, called Qi.  

Remember, it’s practice, practice, practice – there’s no secret to better health!  

You can order Dr. Sugawara’s Qigong for Beginners – Part 1 below: