Welcome to my blog! On this blog, I’ll be sharing insights about the Qigong Recovery™ program, compelling research from the science of addiction, and regular installments of my “Qirecovery tip of the day” offering. The inaugural posts for this blog will be written during Qirecovery’s spiritual pilgrimage to Thailand and Bali! So hit the subscribe button, and tune into the teachings, reflections and transformation experiences in store for us over the next few weeks as we travel through the tropical paradise that awaits us.

Dr. Randy

Introducing QBT: Qigong Behavioral Therapy

Qigong Behavioral Therapy (QBT) is an enhancement of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)––a popular therapeutic approach that has been clinically proven to be effective for a wide range of psychological disorders, including substance use disorder, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, insomnia, chronic pain and fatigue. In fact, CBT has a better track record of empirical results, than any other psychotherapeutic method.

Cognitive behavioral approaches generally have four components: body, emotions, thoughts and behaviors. In this case, “body” refers to the general state of physical health, for example, for someone dealing with an eating disorder. How QBT differs from CBT is through the addition of life energy––which we call “qi”––which provides a missing component that can increase the effectiveness of the overall approach of behavioral therapies.

As a result, QBT isn’t just a talking therapy. By adding qigong as a positive action that can be more effective in managing your problems, it not only changes your thoughts to impact your behaviors, but provides a powerful technique in the realm of action and increasing qi.

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New Digital Training Available via On Demand Video

I’ve just published my Qigong training video, which also available in DVD format, through an online on-demand video channel. This full length 42 minute video teaches my method to reduce stress – using digital video on your mobile phone or table, so you can get immediate results, like any other Internet content! It only costs $2.95 to watch it for a day, and $24.95 to have permanent access to the title.

Through this practice you may find more spark in your steps, having a quieter mind, sensing more peace, gaining a more relaxed body, and getting your energy back!

You can find out more at: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/qirecovery


The Most Important Thing in Qigong

Here’s a tip about how to master qigong… it begins and ends with practice.  Your practice may start with a modest amount of what I call belly button breathing.  The lower belly fills up like a balloon, the area usually referred to in Chinese healing as the lower dan tien.  As you begin to exhale think of the word “Relax”.  Then on the second exhalation think of the words “Let it go”, and on the third exhalation think of the words, “i’m OK.”  As your body begins to follow the breath coupled with the suggested words you have created that unique merging of your mind and body, or as described in mind-body-spirit practices, the merging of heaven and earth.

The Spiritual Journey within Recovery

As we contemplate the meaning of a spiritual practice, those in recovery well know that the ego can come up with every possible excuse to dismiss the notion of ‘something greater than myself.’  I submit this all-important point: if the ego could figure out how to lead a morally and honest life, what need would there be for the superego? Psychologists have argued that human beings operate along a mind-body-spirit continuum.  Those who are spectators or players of competitive sports understand the deep and transformative value that competitors instill, namely the competitor’s “spirit”.  This added “spirit” might be felt as a natural surge of biochemistry; some call it getting pumped up.  While other players may ask for added incentives from the heavens or from nature.    This latter approach seems to add an otherworldly level of spiritual encouragement to achieve their highest performance.  The sports analogy proposes connecting to and engaging with one’s life challenges.  If a man or woman is able to embrace their life challenges, clearly, the advantages of adapting spiritual wisdom may enhance their outcome.  And so, it is our spirituality, especially for those in recovery that provides the key component for coping with life stressors. It is our spirituality that can help turn challenges into growth.

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Qigong in the Waves

This resort, the Andaman White Beach Resort, is only 15 minutes from the airport but manages to be nestled away from the central tourist areas. The narrow and windy road to the resort blends with the coastal local communities of small huts, chickens, dogs, and a multitude of motor scooters. However, the drivers here seem to have figured out how to relatively drive safe while driving on these narrow roads. The Andaman Sea is right at the footsteps of this resort with its venue of 3 different restaurants. The pool restaurant was the favorite as it served fresh daily fish and an assortment of Thai and western style menus.  Throughout the resort Christmas music hummed about ironically reminding us of the cooler weather usually associated with this season.  In fact, a myriad of Christmas trees and lights jot the Thailand landscape with its commercial undertones sans the Christian iconic symbols. Continue reading