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What is QiRecovery™?

The history of qigong dates to before the invention of writing, deep into the mists of prehistory. Estimates suggest that self empowerment practices date into the time of Chinese shamans, sometime before 500 B.C. And today, the health and spiritual applications of qigong are rapidly gaining in popularity in our modern world as people realize that disease and stress can actually be relieved by simple peace of mind.

Qigong is one of the four pillars of traditional Chinese medicine, which also include Acupuncture, Massage and Herbal Medicines. Qigong is considered to be the mother of Chinese self healing. In research study after study, patients who use Qigong faithfully are shown to need less medication, less acupuncture and more importantly, to heal faster.

Recent studies have shown that the regular practice of Qigong has proven efficacy for cleansing the body of toxins, restoring greater vitality and life force energy, reducing stress and anxiety, and to promote overall calmness; perhaps, the most recognized benefit when practiced even in a short period of time.

The word Qigong breaks into Qi and GongQi means vitality, energy, life force, and Gong means practice, cultivate, refine… combining the terms, Qigong therefore means to cultivate and refine through practice one’s vitality or life force.

The Chinese believe that the primary mechanism that is triggered by the practice of Qigong is a spontaneous balancing and enhancing of the natural healing resources in the human system.

Over thousands of years, millions of people have benefited from these practices believing that improving the function of the Qi maintains health and heals disease.

In general, because of the invasion of external disturbance, the original vital qi (energy) in the body gradually declines. As the loss of energy qi deepens, people become more susceptible to illness. So there is a correlation between the degree of health and the level of energy qi in our bodies. Chemical dependency is an accelerant for this decline and disturbance.

It is irrefutable that excess in emotions, unhealthy living habits, or the accumulation of too many stressors will deteriorate the vitality and health of living human cells.

A comparative study by Dr. Kevin Chen, Dr. Zhizian Mo, and Ming Li assessed the efficacy of qigong treatment on heroin detoxification, and ascertained that qigong led to more rapid reduction of heroin withdrawal symptoms and cravings, as compared to basic care and medications in one group and another group receiving detoxification drug lofexidine-HCI over a 10-day gradual reduction method.

This study provides an experiential ground for exploring the significance of qigong as an intentional recovery practice . Of course, this and other such studies need to be validated and reproduced.

Along this agenda, we at QiRecovery – leading practitioners of qigong with significant expertise and experience in the field of recovery – are leading the charge into this new arena of health and wellness.