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Dr. Randy Sugawara

Dr. Randy Sugawara holds a doctorate in counseling psychology, and is certificated to teach Qigong and Tai Chi Chuan. He is the founder of the QiRecovery™ program and has been practicing internal martial arts for over thirty years and has practiced energy work since 1998.  Dr. Randy Sugawara’s former experience as a primary therapist in chemical dependency combined with his internal martial arts experiences has led to the creation of a unique relapse prevention program based on holistic and complementary healing methods.  Randy merges the art and science of recovery from chemical dependency into a series of teaching modules including the meditative practices of Qigong, Kunlun® System, and Tai Chi Chuan.  It is the goal of the QiRecovery™ to teach the central concept that the human body contains a rich reservoir of self-healing resources.  When the client practices these meditative techniques they are able to access their own biorhythmic resources combined with the mind to more effectively manage compulsive behavior, reduce cravings, and in turn alleviate the psychological urges that can cause relapse behaviors.

Randy has taught hundreds of clients in recovery, and many have experienced the calming effect within their first class session.  Empirical results suggest students can control impulsive thoughts, reduce cravings, lower stress and cope more effectively with anxiety and depression.  The client may find through consistent practice a renewed confidence in their recovery while experiencing the benefits of the time honored practices of Qigong and Tai Chi Chuan.

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