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  • Spiritual Retreat in Asia – 2018

    Join us on a once in a lifetime personal discovery to spiritual Asia Produced by The Spirituality Network and QiRecovery QiRecovery is offering a powerful, yet fun and fulfilling way to reinforce sobriety in your life. This program offers those in recovery a way to take QiRecovery to the next level, while taking part in… read more…

  • New

    QiRecovery is proud to announce the release of Qigong for Beginners – Part 1. This 45 minute DVD is like having a personal trainer to follow while still practicing at your own pace.  Dr. Randy Sugawara developed this training so you can follow him along learning how to create more energy, more vitality, and to… read more…

  • What is QiRecovery™?

    The history of qigong dates to before the invention of writing, deep into the mists of prehistory. Estimates suggest that self empowerment practices date into the time of Chinese shamans, sometime before 500 B.C. And today, the health and spiritual applications of qigong are rapidly gaining in popularity in our modern world as people realize… read more…